We are a successful e-commerce startup aiming to disrupt the billion dollar European floral market.
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We're bringing a traditional, multi billion dollar industry to the internet: flowers in an online subscription format. Our customers will receive amazingly styled bouquets every few weeks, right at their doorstep. Different from Taiwan, in Europe it is very common to purchase flowers for yourself, as a means to decorate your apartment. We help our customers in Europe to accomplish this.

More generally, here are some cool things about Bloomon: 
- grew from 0 to ~14k paying subscribers in 14 months 
- 40k likes on Facebook, 12k Instagram followers 
- headquarters in Amsterdam, delivering everywhere in the Netherlands 
- expanded to London, Germany, Belgium, and Denmark with an R&D office in Taipei:,,, 
- angel funding of about 1m USD, series A funding of about 3m USD 
- huge growth potential, aim to become the market leader in Europe 
- international, English speaking work environment, though your English does not need to be fluent 
- work together with CTO on a daily basis, and with experienced entrepreneurs from Amsterdam regularly


Taipei, Taiwan
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Bangkok, Thailand

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